What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts?

Posted on: 27 December 2019

If you are planning on having a tennis court constructed on your property, then there are a number of choices to make. Where will your court go? Will you choose a maintenance-free option? Do you want a tennis court construction firm to build one with a quick drainage system for you? Of course, you also need to decide what sort of playing surface you will want — natural grass, a hard court made from resin or, perhaps, something in the middle, such as clay? Before you select any of these options, however, it is a good idea to consider the merits of a synthetic surface for your tennis court construction project. Why are they so often favoured these days?

A Natural Feel

Unlike concrete courts and other, resin-based hard-playing surfaces, synthetic grass feels like a natural surface, much like playing on real grass, in fact. Of course, you can have it supplied in various colours to create a great deal of contrast with the court's surroundings, but natural green remains popular because it creates a natural look to complement the natural playing feel. Unlike real grass courts, however, synthetic grass does not become bumpy as it ages. Nor do you get any of the uneven playing surface that natural grass often affords you.

Soft Underfoot

As well as feeling like a natural court when the ball bounces, you will notice that synthetic grass is rather forgiving as you move about on it. This means that you are less likely to injure yourself if you fall. In addition, artificial grass lessens some of the impact tennis players feel on their joints. Knees and ankles can suffer during a game, and this surface is, therefore, ideal for anyone who already suffers from joint discomfort.

Fast to Drain

Because synthetic grass is made up of lots of little components — not a single surface — it drains rapidly. The porous nature of the material lends itself to a drainage system beneath it. If you like to play outside during the winter as well as the summer, then this is the surface for you!

Easy Maintenance

Although your tennis court construction may take a little more know-how from the firm installing when fitting synthetic grass, there is a considerable benefit to owners once it has been laid. This is essentially a surface that is entirely free from maintenance. Brushing off leaves that might have gathered on it is virtually all you have to do to keep it in mint condition.