3 Critical Boat Faults That Only a Marine Engineer should Repair

Posted on: 29 January 2020

Spending time on your boat is the very definition of having an excellent time whether you are with family, friends or alone. You can take part in many activities ranging from deep-sea fishing to racing. However, if you are going to enjoy time on your boat, then it is paramount to keep your prized possession in good condition, and that involves handling repairs as and when necessary. While you can handle some issues yourself, other boat problems can be dangerous and require the touch of a marine engineer. This article highlights instances when you must call a marine engineer

Electrical Faults

As a boat owner, you probably find it easier to tie down your machine on the marina. While there is nothing wrong with doing this, you should be very careful, especially if your boat has electrical-related problems. Some of the issues might seem easy to handle by yourself, but it is advisable not to take that route. The reason is that if you get the repairs wrong, then there is a risk of electric shock, which can be dangerous near the water. Therefore, if you detect that your boat needs electrical repairs, give your marine engineer a call immediately. 

Exhaust Gas Issues

As boat engines combust fuel, they give off carbon monoxide as toxic exhaust gas. Unfortunately, some vessel owners believe that since they have an outboard engine, they don't have to worry about poisonous exhaust gas caused by an overheating engine. However, nothing could be further from the truth because toxic exhaust gases are dangerous regardless of whether your boat runs on an outboard or inboard engine. Therefore, please don't take it upon yourself to carry out repairs to the engine when you suspect that there is carbon monoxide in your boat. If the gas detectors in your boat go off, dock the vessel and call your marine engineer immediately.

Propeller Problems

Although the propeller plays an integral function in propelling the boat, it is still a dangerous part of the boat. This is especially the case if you plan to make swimming one of the activities when you are out at sea. If the propeller develops a minor problem and your repair it, you might think that you are out of danger. However, since you are not qualified, any person swimming close to the boat will be in danger. This is because a malfunctioning propeller can turn on when you least expect, thereby causing accidents and fatalities. Therefore, ensure that your marine engineer handles all propeller-related issues.